Partner with proven innovators.

Being a trusted market leader for the sourcing, design and manufacturing of custom and branded casual furniture means being a reliable, responsible collaborative partner. Ace delivers innovation, service and value on a daily basis. We’re fast and flexible, too.

Why should you leverage our expertise?

Exclusive advances in assembly, manufacturing and logistics.

Proven proficiency in QA/QC management.

Demonstrated commitment to customer service.

Added value at every stage of product development.

Track record of social compliance in our partner factories.

CUSTOMERS ARE key to our values.

Focusing on customers.

Our customer partners inspire us to create incredible products. That’s why we put you at the center of all our decisions. We also work hard to provide you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

Making partners for life.

We understand that building partner trust is not a one-time deal. It’s up to us to prove ourselves every time our customers approach us with a product idea. Your priorities are our priorities — today and tomorrow.

Exceeding your expectations.

Delivering value means doing more than is expected. Always. We always strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to cost, quality and service. Innovation and design, too. It’s a challenge we take seriously.

“Consumers look to retailers for value. Retailers look to Ace. We work hard to extend and amplify your casual furniture offerings and to add value to every item we deliver. That’s what it means to be a market leader: Listening. Learning. Leveraging our expertise on your behalf.”

Robert McNae, Ace Casual Furniture