Bean Bag Safety Enhancement Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1: Locate the Beanbag’s Zipper

Some beanbags may have more than one zipper opening. Zipper openings are usually found on the bottom of the chair.

Inspect each zipper to see if it can be opened.

If a small metal ring is already affixed to the zipper, it is not necessary to attach another.

If the beanbag does not have a small metal ring affixed to the zipper, it is necessary to install one.

Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair Zipper Disabling Ring Location

Step 2: Parts Needed

Ace Bayou’s beanbag Safety Enhancement Kit includes three metal, “C”-shaped zipper-disabling rings.

Ace Bayou’s beanbag Safety Enhancement Kit includes three metal, “C”-shaped zipper-disabling rings.

One zipper-disabling ring is required per zipper.

A pair of common, household pliers should be used to install the zipper-disabling ring.


Step 3: Install Zipper-Disabling Ring

Use the pliers to position the zipper-disabling ring immediately behind the zipper’s head.

Pinch the beanbag’s cover on the opposite the zipper to ensure that the zipper-disabling ring completely encircles the zipper.

After properly positioning the zipper-disabling ring, squeeze it with the pliers until its ends penetrate the cover and continue squeezing until it is securely locked around zipper.

Ace Bayou Bean Bag Safety Enhancement Kit, Secure Installation

Step 4: Ensure Proper Installation

Firmly grip the zipper-disabling ring to ensure that it is securely in place and prevents the zipper’s head from moving backwards.

If the zipper-disabling ring is not securely in place, use pliers to remove it and repeat the above steps.


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